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Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware, a major IT firm’s objective was to become a 1 billion dollar company. The belief of achieving the same was strongly rooted in the thought that it can be best achieved with the support of the pillars of the organization. Here the pillars of the organization translated to the people who had spent 5 years or more in the organization.

The pillars of the organization had set their own culture, ethos and business styles around them and involving them as change agents was paramount. However the challenge was two-fold:

To transform the way of doing business
To facilitate the step-up process

The task ahead was to transform the approach and thinking and at the same time recognize the services of these people to motivate them and instill a thought that they were the catalysts for the future.

The need gave rise to a program ‘Into The Box Thinking’ which was a three pronged approach.

Video session: The backdrop of this session was a inspirational and a thought provoking


movie . All the lessons were dovetailed to indicate that change is the only way ahead.
Team building and motivation: This was delivered to sustain the lessons learnt during the
  thinking session through a host of activities. The objective was to fill the participants with a fresh lease of energy.
Strategy session: This was the highlight of the program as it threw light on the path ahead
  in the quest of Hexaware looking at the path of being a 1 billion dollar organization.

In the strategy session all issues were bought into the open. The top three issues were discussed in length. The action points were detailed out and deadlines were set. Teams were created to achieve the desired results.


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